The Púca

Black as night with eyes like glaring coals it paws the ground like an angry beast. If trapped it must be released before daybreak or a curse will descend upon all who detain it.

People who have been carried off by the Púíca can wake to find themsleves miles away sleeping on the top of a cliff or deep in a cave.

The Hag

Stories of the Hag of Ireland are some of the oldest we know. Her tools are old and her spells are of the ancient kind. She may have washed up her after the flood looking for a bit of dry land.

Her Sickle is enchanted, in its hollow handle is a magical beetle. When she challenges young men it is usually to harvest a field winner to take all !

Sheela na Gig

Many people have argued over the age of the Sheelas. Are they ancient or Norman ? Are they good or bad ? Do they promote sex or the opposite ?

Sheela na Gig are called other names in other places buit tis is the name that has stuck in Ireland and it seems to suit her.


If you meet a Fairy, be polite doff your cap if you are wearing one. Never eat or drink fairy food or you will be trapped in their world. If you think you are being followed turn your jacket inside out to confuse them.

The Sidhe are very proud and do not like bad manners or ill considered remarks. The Banshee (bean sidhe) or fairy woman appears before the death of beloved person.


There are deep pools in Ireland where the Péist still lives waiting for “Lá an Luan” (The day at the end). If you meet one be pleasant but wary they have great treasure but are not harmless.

On the river Bonet near Dromahair is linn na péiste, the pool of the serpent. Each halloween night the door to an underwater cavern full of treasure appears. If you can answer the Péist correctly he teasure is yours!