Autumn places

Fairy Hill

Music from a fairy hill can be very enticing. On certain nights a fairy door will open and the most entrancing tune will draw you in. Some musicians who have spent the night in a fairy hill have come back with a fairy tune that would move you to tears or to act upon some hidden instinct.

A fairy hill is a dangerous place. Good or ill is much the same to them, on a whim they can give you wonderful singing voice or if you are ill mannered they might throw a hump on your back that you will stoop over for the rest of your days.

Fairy Trees

Some trees can bring bad luck and a child should never be put in a cradle made of Elder. Every tree has its own uses and its own story.

Oak has particular properties as does Holly and each should be checked for their appropriate use. Never bring Hawthorn inside a home.

Standing Stones

Bullan stones have cup marks, a smooth round stone, about the size of a potato, sits neatly in the cup. If this wishing stone is turned to the right a certain number of times wishes can be granted. These do not have to be good wishes. Be careful what you wish for. Often Bullan stones are found near holy wells.

Bullan stones are also known as cursing stones. Some are found near wells and standing stones others in the grounds of a church. There are very few with the turning stones still present so you might have to bring your own.