The Leprechaun

Small enough to walk under a donkey, without taking off his hat, leprechauns often wear brown and don’t like to be seen. If you catch one its perhaps because they were busy and not paying attention. If it’s treasure you want don’t let go, a leprechaun will try all kinds of tricks to fool you into letting them go.

You might know that every Leprechaun keeps a store of gold. They get their gold from the Fairies. Fairies like music,love dancing and always want fancy new shoes. Leprechuans make the best shoes in the world and the only money in fairyland is gold.

The Púca

Some say it is the devil himself, others that it is only a creature from hell looking for lost travellers to take back with them. Whatever the truth, only a handful have ever come back to tell of a wild ride with the Púca in the dark. The smell of strong drink seems to attract the Púca.

The Púca can appear any time after dark. If you are out and about past your bedtime in a lonely place and you feel something brushing against your legs, get away quickly. If you make it back let us know!

Sheela na Gig

Often seen on old buildings, especially churches. She is usually sitting up high on a wall looking down on the people coming and going. It might seem a bit surprising that the Irish were not be such prudes after all!

13 Sheelas (that we know of) are in their original postions in Ireland. Some are hidden away out of sight most are loud and proud and seem strange to us nowadays.


Irish fairies are know as the Sídhe. No one ever calls them by their name though in case they herad you were lookimng for them. Mostly they are called the good people. People go out of their way not to offend them as there is no point in looking for trouble.

In the past peoole went to great lengths to appease the good people. Dirty water was never thrown out without a warning shout. Bread was never cut a both ends and an illness that did not heal was always viewed with suspicion.